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Albums That Need to Be Reissued

There’s nothing asshole label heads love more than reissuing old albums they somehow scored the rights to, forcing you to dig deep into your pockets for a Jackson just to hear an “alternative mix” with a different snare. How exciting!

It’s true, reissues generally add nothing to classics (Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On) at best, and corrupt masterpieces at worst (Michael Jackson, Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition). But I’m confident that this could be rectified by sitting these label execs the fuck down and schooling them on what albums they actually need to be reissuing, instead of just dragging out the 15th Thriller reissue.

What follows is a list that does just such a thing. Now get on it!

Schoolly D Schoolly D / Saturday Night! The Album

What, the founder of gangsta rap don’t get no love? Both of these albums are out-of-print and impossible to find unless you get a bootleg or drop 100 big ones on eBay for some old-ass, beat up copies.

It’s ridiculous that young heads can’t get a legit copy of the album with “PSK What Does It Mean?” and “Gucci Time” on it. I hear shifty-ass Jive Records may have reissued them a while back, but without all of Schoolly D‘s tracks, and with the two albums all mixed together out of order.

Fuck that, release a 2 disc set, make the first disc Saturday Night! and the second disc Schoolly D. Or, if you can’t afford to press that up, do like the Amerikkka’s Most Wanted /Kill At Will reissue and just put the two albums on the same disc, but in the right order.

Come on, this is a hip hop legend, sampled by the likes of the Beastie Boys, The Notorious BIG, and Jim Jones.

He’s relevant, he’s talented. Reissue these.

Ice-T Power

Ice-T is a beast, and this is far and away his strongest effort. However, it has a huge, gaping hole right in the middle of it. Colors, Ice-T’s best song aside from 6 N The Morning, doesn’t appear on any of his studio albums, just his greatest hits collection and the Colors soundtrack (good luck finding that). There isn’t a better album to put it on than Power – they have the same punchy, funkadelic synths and smoothed-out Ice-T flow.

Sure, it’s only one bonus track, but if you’ve heard Colors, you know that that the addition of that one track would elevate Power from classic to masterpiece.

One thing, though: you can’t just tack it on at the end of the album, that would fuck up the story told in the intro and outro. Put it between “Girls LGBNAF” and “High Rollers,” maybe?

Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle / Over the Counter

Death Row’s dropped two Doggystyle reissues already, but they didn’t do it proper. All of the skits are mixed into the songs (incredibly frustrating, trust me), and Gz Up, Hoes Down is nowhere to be found (actually, it was nowhere to be found after early pressings). It’s sort of nice to know that I own the best version of Doggystyle around (purhcased on eBay), but at the same time, it sucks that the world can’t enjoy this classic like it should.

And I’m sure I’m not the only Snoop fan fiending for his unreleased debut album, Over the Counter. All we got is a 5-track bootleg of it. Give us the full thing on a second disc, maybe tack on all those Doggystyle outtakes floating around YouTube, too.

Whoever it is bought (buys?) the rights to Death Row’s catalogue owes it to hip hop to make this happen.

It’s already been reissued, but after hearing the recently leaked OG Edition, I’m sold on the idea of another go at it. I’m sure Puff would be up for it, since money’s involved. Maybe he could buy his jet back.

What else deserves a proper reissue? Talk on it.


American Gangster vs. Ego Trippin’

A while back, on, I made the following comment regarding recent albums better than Jay-Z’s “American Gangster”:

Just for fun, [here’s] 5 albums from 2008 that are better than AG:

Snoop Doggy Dogg – Ego Trippin
Nas – Untitled
Bun B – Ill Trill
Rakim – Lost and Found
Fat Ray & Black Milk – The Setup

And that’s just off the dome…

I’ve since had people bring it up to try and discredit me and my opinions, talking about how stupid an opinion it is.

So here’s my breakdown of why Ego Trippin’ is better than American Gangster. Time to end this shit.

I broke down the songs by type and compared them. The better track is awarded one point, and, in the event of a tie, both albums are awarded a point.

I also created some categories regarding the albums overall, not just track-for-track comparisons.

Let the games begin.


I can’t front; Jay-Z has a better intro. My main problem with Snoop’s is that the whole thing is him instructing me to “press play,” followed by “no, really, press play!”

Whenever I hear it I can’t help but think “If I pressed the play button right now it would put it on pause.”

So it’s really nonsense.

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 0


Jay-Z’s opener, “Pray,” has bangin’ enough drums, which is essential for an album opener, but Jay’s lyrics are too simplistic and sound like the off-the-dome spit they probably are, with obvious rhyme patterns like “enemies / me / inequities / me” which end the kind of bars you would expect from a Sound Click rapper’s freestyle.

Jay is occasionally inspired, with the deviant from the wave of the mediocre being “I’m trying to beat life / Because I can’t cheat death.”

Snoop has the superior beat, for sure; it has a similar vocal wail in the background and equally bangin’ drums, but the Snoop production shines due to the intricacies present which Jay’s track lacks, with guitars, horns, congos, psychedelic synths, vocoded voices, and funky bass licks flitting in and out without sounding slightly sloppy or excessive. On the other hand, Jay’s track is produced from about 3 instruments, all of which are wasted by the unimaginative producers behind the board, LV & Sean C, who ruin this album’s production as well as most of the production on Ghostface’s “Big Doe Rehab.”

Then look at Snoop’s rhymes: “G’s in the ‘Lac / Weed in the back / DPs in the act.”

His rhymes are just flat-out superior to Jay’s.

The only way you could like “Pray” more is if you thought Snoop’s song was too shallow or didn’t try to make enough of a message. This is just a matter of personal taste – the bottom line? Snoop’s track is just plain better.

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 1


A trademark of both artists, but one that works out better for Snoop (always – see “Drop It Like It’s Hot” or “Vato”) than Jay. Always.

This time ’round, Jay decides to jack Rakim’s style and Pharrell decides to jack two of his previous beats, Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too” and Snoop’s own “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Play “Blue Magic” back to back with “MMT” and “DILIH” and you’ll notice that they are all essentially the same, rearranged beat with slightly altered melodies.

Snoop and Pharrell this time came up with the ethnic-themed “Sets Up,” a Crippin’ anthem heavy on ethnic percussion and with Pharrell singing on the chorus (trust me, it’s a lot better than you’d think).

As always, Snoop brought out the best in a talented producer. As always, Jay bored the fuck out of a talented producer and unleashed some god-awful verses and an even worse chorus to make us wish he would just retire already.

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 2


Jay flips a lounge-jazz song – potential completely wasted, trust me – and lays down some more of his amateurish faux-freestyle rhymes that are mind-numbingly bad.

Snoop himself drops some particularly weak rhymes, mostly just namechecking an assortment of celebrities.

Both have disappointing lyrics, so what it comes down to is the beat and how the sample is utilized.

The Jay sample seems to be too slow for the drums, or perhaps Jay is going too slow for the sample. Either way, it sounds incredibly awkward and clumsy.

Snoop, on the other hand, flips the sample into an upbeat, wailing, piano-driven ditty that can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Besides, their are few things more enjoyable that hearing Snoop boss around some hoes regarding the handling of deeez nuts, as he does midway through “Deez Hollywood Nights.”

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 3


Beyond the beat to Jay-Z’s “I Know” being boring as hell, I honestly believe that hearing Jay deliver the unbelievably awful line “Cold sweats… occur… When I’m not… With her” is one of the worst musical experiences of my life. Honestly.

Snoop’s “Sexual Eruption” is the opposite, a soothing, cleverly penned sex song accompanied by a hilarious retro video.

Which is better is not even a question.

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 4


Jay and Nas collide again on “Success,” which uncreatively loops the same organ loop over and over and over until you get sick of it. Hov bites Eminem, yells “blah blah!” to imitate gunshots, and generally makes an asshole of himself. Nas does his best to salvage the song, but it’s a nearly impossible feat, and you almost feel sorry for Nas as his meager 8-ish bars crumble under the weight of a sinking ship.

Fortunately, Snoop’s legendary co-star, The Gap Band’s own Charlie Wilson, is as good as he ever was, and, even more importantly, Snoop spits some furious flows, including my favorite rhyme on Ego Trippin’ – “It’d probably be a gun instead of a pen in my hand / Probly be doin a dubb in the penn with my man.”

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 5


On his “Let It Out,” admittedly infeior to his previous album’s “Think About It,” Snoop combines his silky smooth flow with some spitfire lyrics and a surprisingly gangsta refrain to create one of the album’s hottest tracks, almost effortlessly.

Jay, on “No Hook,” decides to rhyme “at” fifty times over a plodding beat, with his newly deteriorated flow.

Now, I love Snoop, but ask yourself, could he have outrhymed Jay-motherfucking-Z like this ten years ago?

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 6


Jay attempts a narrative about the rise and fall of an American gangster, and actually has songs called “Success,” “Fallin’,” and “American Gangster.” Which is ridiculously uncreative. All of the so-called narrative points are stilted and obvious, making for an album almost as condescendingly stupid and boring as one of those shittastic “Hood” movies where a bunch of ten year olds in blue rags wave guns, smoke blunts, and play tag with wads of cash.

It’s just plain stupid.

Ego Trippin’, on the other hands, shows Snoop spreading his wings like never before and pushing his limits further than ever, covering Morris Day, producing his own shit, and doing a country song dedicated to Johnny Cash.

It’s an innovative, fun album that always leaves you guessing.

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 7


American Gangster is produced predominantly by LV & Sean C.

‘Nuff said.

American Gangster: 1

Ego Trippin’: 8


That’s enugh, I don’t want to drag this out more than I need to.

Ego Trippin’ > American Gangster


Song of the Day: Snoop Doggy Dogg – Pump, Pump


Snoop Dogg & Kottonmouth Kings Live @ West Fair

(Yes, I was there. Who wants to touch me? I said who wants to fuckin’ touch me!)

The show was set to start at 4:00, and I got there at 2:30, so I got a nice seat sitting along a handrail. There was a few shitty rock/metal bands going, and after Five Finger Death Punch (I can’t believe I remember what they were called), we got ushered out to our cars because it started storming. When we came back, Kottonmouth Kingz came on.

I always thought (and still think) that they make shitty music, but fuck it, they put on a pretty good show. They had some motherfucker in black and white rags (doo and regular) smoking a (fake?) joint, drinking beer, and doin’ a dance that looked like a motherfucking seizure. Maybe my Kottonmouth-lovin’ readers can tell me what the fuck that was about.

Then another shitty rock band came on and played for way too long.

Then Snoop’s stage got set up and the the whole fucking area, I swear to non-existent god, filled up, and after about 40 minutes Snoop came out and started his set.

Shit was fucking crazy. Here’s the songs I remember him performing in no particular order (most my favorite Snoop songs are in there, too, including the underrated Pump, Pump):

Sensual Seduction (yes, he did the edited chorus live for whatever reason)

Staxxx In My Jeans

Snoop’s Upside Ya Head

Gin & Juice

Lodi Dodi

Jump Around (by House of Pain)

Pump, Pump

Tha Shiznit

Deep Cover

Tha Next Episode

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Ups and Downs

I Wanna Fuck You

That’s That Shit


And he closed with that one song that goes “nah nah nah nah, hey hey-ey, goodbyyyeee.” He said he does it at the end of all his shows to show that he loves his people and so we can show that we love him. He changed it up a little, though, “nah nah nah nah, hey hey-ey, snooop.” He also cut out the chorus on What’s My Name so the audience got to sing the whole “Snoop Dooog” thing. It was fucking ridiculous.

 Anyway, Snoop murdered the motherfucker. Everybody was slam dancing, jumpin’ around, wavin’ arms, yell out the lyrics (I’m proud to say the only songs of his I couldn’t remember the lyrics to were I Wanna Fuck You and Snoop’s Upside Ya Head).

You shoulda been there for Deep Cover. He got the entire motherfucking room screaming “FUCK THE POLICE” for the intro and chorus.

Anyway, it blew my fucking mind.



Thoughts on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game 2008” List

(Kanye West, the hottest rapper in the game… or at least according to MTV’s Bain Trust)

Yes, folks, MTV’s notoriously incompitent “Brain Trust” is back at it again. The same council that thinks that Jay-Z is the best rapper of all time, Niggaz4life is better than Straight Outta Compton, and – in this round – has a member who suggests that Soulja Boy is one of the game’s “hottest” rappers.

The Trust once again tallied up the ten hottest rappers in the game, at least according to their laughable standards, as they did last year, where Lil Wayne was named the hottest for managing to recycle the same basic, shitty verse on 300-some songs in a single year (what talent!).

To view a video of their discussion, just head over here and scroll down to the embedded clip, which is actually a playlist of roughly five clips. Or you can wait for whenever MTV next shows it on TV. You can read MTV profiles of all the qualifiers at

Here’s the final list, with my own commentary on each qualifier.

1. Kanye West – Although I think it takes a retard to consider someone whose most recent album came out last September and whose most recent guest spot was on the motherfucking “Lollipop” remix the hottest rapper in the game, I do think that Kanye may deserve a spot somewhere on here, if just for the relative recentness of the “Homecoming” video.

2. Jay-Z – As you’ll soon notice, most of the rappers on this list haven’t even put out a record this year, like Jay-Z, whose most recent contribution was to “Maybach Music” with Rick Ross, which wasn’t very good, just like the “Hustlin'” remix he did on Ross’ last CD.

3. Lil Wayne – Lil Wayne hasn’t released an album in two years, has created and popularized what may very well be the worst song ever put to wax, and was murdered by Kanye of all people on “Barry Bonds.” ‘Nuff said.

4. Rick Ross – Ross should be on here somewhere, even if he isn’t a very good rapper at all. Trilla is undeniably booming with “hot” singles like “Boss” and “Speedin'” banging nationwide. Even if just because of their guest singers.

5. Snoop Dogg  – Snoop should have been in the top three, considering that he just dropped what is probably the third best CD of his career and has essentially revolutionized the game with “Sexual Eruption.”

6. 50 Cent – 50 may the worst thing to happen to rap music since the beloved human waterbed known as Big Pun keeled over (really, it takes a lot to make The Game, Eminem, and Dr. Dre all become uber-shitty just because they are associated with you), but I can’t deny that G-Unot has been dropping singles and mixtapes left and right as of late. All of his records, rhymes, singles, groups, collabos, clothes, movies, associates, and ideas may suck ass, but he is doing big things right now.

7. Lupe Fiasco – Eh, I could go either way on Lupe. On one hand, he hasn’t done anything especially relevant since “Superstar” dropped, but on the other hand, he did make a good CD once.

8. Young Jeezy – This is just really out of left field for me. I don’t know of anything Jeezy has done in his entire career, let alone the last few months, to be called a hot rapper, but maybe I’m just stupid. Either I am or the Brain Trust is, and the Trust’s track record of stupidity suggests that it’s the latter that is at fault here.

9. Andre 3000 – He did, what, three guest verses? That’s not hot. That’s not even lukewarm.

10. TI – His last CD was mostly awful and he’s been in home arrest for something like half a year now without any musical output, so I’m also clueless as to why he’s on here.

The last three really surprised me, just because they were so goddamn random. I can’t help but note that the Game should have been on here, if not at the bottom of the list.

Oh well, what do you expect when you ask MTV to exhibit discerning taste in music?

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