Will the New Scarface Album Suck?

Those are the six words I thought I’d never utter, but after the newly leaked Forget About Me and the Lil Troy diss song High Powered… I just don’t know anymore.

Well, actually, there isn’t a snowflake’s chance in hell Emeritus (available everywhere September 30) is going to suck. The blog’s title is mostly just shock value. However, there is a good chance Emeritus will be, uh, not very good.

High Powered was what first gave this possibility away.

The beat is great, but is nothing like Scarface’s usual Southern-fried sound (it just sounds plain Southern, if that makes sense) and is unlike anything Scarface has done on Rap-A-Lot in that it sounds like they actually paid some money for it instead of just hooking the God of the South (fuck King, Face is better than that) with an in-house producer. In other words, the production’s different, but not the problem. The problem is Face.

Why is he still on this Lil Troy shit? I literally  haven’t heard anything new about that in years. Who gives a fuck about Lil Troy? It would have been a lot better if he went after Rick Ross as many an ignorant blogger originally speculated, becoming the first relevant rapper with the sheer balls to call him on being in bed with the piggies. But Face came with some admittedly weak shit. “Then he tried to sue a nigga… But it got back to a nigga… And when I see him, I’ma do the nigga.”

It’s a simple rhyme pattern not worthy of the South’s premier lyricist and it’s an empty threat. I don’t know dude personally, but I doubt that Face is gonna fuck up Troy if he happens upon him. And Face has stated for the record that he doesn’t make stupid threats on his records and most such disses are just gimmicks.

Now, it’s a completely different story if it suddenly pops up in the news that Troy is in an emergency room somewhere in suburban Texas with half his teeth missing… But that doesn’t seem likely.

As for Forget About Me, I love the beat, love the hook, and love Face’s part. But he put Lil Wayne and Bun B on it, neither of whom do a good job at all.

The guest rappers on Face albums are usually just not that good (WC, anyone? Me neither), but Wayne is a new low. Bun isn’t a bad idea (they’ve collaborated before and have good chemistry), but his verse is just flat weak.

It might be a little early to call, but Emeritus might not be up to Face’s usual standards.

Another issue: could this be another Balls and My Word? Another album Face didn’t even have shit to do with and Rap-A-Lot is just dropping to make a fast buck?

Really, why else would there be a Lil motherfucking Troy diss on a mid-2008 Scarface album? There’s also been no promo or anything for this shit, and the last time that happened for a Face album was… you guessed it, Balls and My Word.


1 Response to “Will the New Scarface Album Suck?”

  1. 1 dat dude
    October 14, 2008 at 3:28 am

    It’s carzy how Face is leaving the game but I’m doing my part by buying Emeritus Dec. 2nd and banging out my man’s track “Forget About Me.”


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