Big One Presents “Mad Libs: The Game Edition”

Do you ever sit around your mom’s house in the suburbs wishing you could spit those blazing hot 16’s like your favorite rapper ever, The Game?

Well now you can, thanks to “Mad Libs: The Game Edition”!

It’s a Mad Lib using the actual template Game uses when he writes his dope 16s, the same template he’s used on hundreds of songs and created three classic albums with by using on it every verse of every song!

If you’ve never played Mad Libs before, it’s a game in which the player is given a story or poem with several blanks inserted throughout. The player fills in the blanks – they know what to fill in the blank with by looking at the prompt in parentheses to the right of the blank. When all the blanks are filled in, the Mad Lib is done and you can enjoy your classic Game 16.

For example: let’s say that one of the prompts next to a blank says “Noun,” you would fill in the blank with a noun. Or if the prompt next to the blank says “2Pac Song,” you would fill in the blank with a 2Pac song.

Don’t forget to post your classic Game 16 in the comments section when you’re finished.

Follow these easy instructions and you, too, can be one of the greatest rappers of all time, like Game.


Yo, I’m hoppin out my _______(color) _______(expensive car), _______(gun) in my _________(color) khakis


________(2Pac song with a verb in the title) like I was ________(NWA member) blazin that Cali _____(word for weed ending with an -ee sound)


Cuz I’m _______(adjective for “gangsta”) like ______ (NWA member), _____ (NWA member), and _______ (dead NWA member), so RIP


You know it’s ______(2Pac or Biggie song) cuz I got that ________(type of drugs) like if __________ (east coast rapper better than you) was from CPT


Bitch I’m gangsta like ________(NWA member) So bitch shut up bitch and______(some type of sexual act) my dick


Cuz I _______(gangsta verb: throw it up, gangbang, etc.) like __________(NWA member) Except I never _______(name of popular song with verb in it) like _______________(artist who did aforementioned song) cuz I’m sick


Cooking crack on a track like _______(NWA member) and (NWA member) cuz I’m a Nigga Witta Attitude


Like I was ________(NWA member), In my Chucks today was a good day like I was Ice Cube


So it’s _________(All Eyez on Me or Me Against the World) with my Chronic I’m Straight Outta Compton like (NWA member) is


Cuz I’m top dog like Snoop, Bumpin (NWA member’s CD) in my all-_______(color) Coup, kid


I’m like _____________(NWA member) ____________(gangsta verb) or _______(NWA member) __________(verb) cuz I’m gangsta like my rims


Cuz my six-__(number) dippin rims spinnin like Cube, Dre, Yella, and Ren’s


Smoking _______(nickname for weed) with gangstas like ________(NWA member) and _________(NWA Member) cuz I’m gangsta


Yes, I’m a gangbanga, red rag, Because I’m a straight up gangsta gangsta


That’s what they yellin az I dip in my _________(car) reppin my street


Cuz I’m gangsta like Cube, Dre, Yella, Ren, and E


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