E. Re-Ill – Get It

One day, two reviews. This one is E. Re-Ill’s “Get It.” I don’t really know anything about dude, except that he’s a South Cali resident who doesn’t think hip-hop is dead.

Let’s get started.

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A song about, what else, money that sort of contradicts the intro’s “hip-hop’s not dead” motto. It’s not a bad song, actually. Overall, it’s a pretty good song. Not stellar, not bad.

He does have some pretty good rhymes at the beginning and in the chorus, though.


…is basically the same story, except I thought it was a lot catchier and generally well done. There’s not much else to say bout it.


These first three songs are pretty interchangable, except that this song has vocal sample on the chorus it sort of mangles, and there’s a bridge or whatever towards the end I liked quite a lot.


A dense, reflective track that works out pretty well, like the previous songs. One thing you’ll notice about this album as you listen is that most of the tracks sound pretty much the same, which makes writing a captivating review difficult.


A political track where dude rhymes “insurgency” with “emergency.” This has the best rhymes of the album thusfar, but the beat sounds pretty much exactly like the rest of the songs.


Just when I say the last song has the best lyrics, this one goes and upstages. As I said earlier, the beats are all pretty much the same, but the lyrics and hooks seem to get progressively better as you go along. The first verse on this shit is pretty crazy.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, all of the songs seem to have basically the same beats and generally good lyricism. I don’t want to bore you by saying the same things over and over again so I’m not going to review any more songs that this description applies to, only ones that diverge.

This one has a different beat on it, a sort of in-your-face banger. Dude’s voice is recorded in a low-fi murmur. It contrasts nicely with the beat.


The first song that falls flat on its face, a sort of mack anthem that’s just an ugly, static-filled mess. The same goes for the two songs after it, Shake It and T’d Up.


I’d avoid the last three songs on here, but, besides them, this is a pretty hot album. The main problems are the beats, which all have the same sound, a sort of dense, bass-dominated sound that muffles the lyrics and sounds pretty generic.

There are a few highlights, but if you listen to one song on here, make it Slap Music.


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