Allegra – Assorted Tracks Review

(Got the heads up from Becca the Promo Mami on this, female rapper Allegra – 17 – who’s got a mixtape out and an EP droppin’ soon, Welcome 2 My World.)

I couldn’t locate her mixtape, Warning Vol. 1, anywhere, not even my go-to site DatPiff, so I figured I’d just ignore it and write up the tracks Becca sent and the shit Allegra had up on her MySpace pages (1,2).

She’s reportedly opened for Rick Ross, Plies, Trey Songz, Twista, Soulja Boy, Lloyd, and Hurricane Chris. I’ll try not to hold that against her.

The music definitely isn’t something I would normally listen to, it’s synth-filled pop rap with the kind of lyrics liable to give a mafucker diabetes. As far as comparable artists, I’d say her sound’s somewhere between Lil Mama and Rick Ross. I wanted to give her a fair shot, though, so I bumped the mad grimy ST. Da Squad mixtape between songs to stay centered.

Without further ado…


Word is the voice on the chorus is Lil Wayne (sounds a lot like him), but I’m not gonna make a call either way because I only heard that from another blogger who’s probably as unreliable a source as I am.

Regardless, the whole thing has a Weezy vibe to it – aside from the beat, Allegra sort of fucks with her voice, flitting in and out of faux accents, which is what I’ve always hated the most about Weezy.

She flips it better than he does, though, and isn’t especially grating, which is probably the best I can say about a song like this, since it’s about boys and apparently samples Lil Wayne. The lyrics are a little better than you would expect, but nothing to write home about.


I tried to get through this, I really did, but I couldn’t get past the intro…

I’m getting the feeling that not being a teenage girl – the target audience – will almost certainly cripple my ability to review this shit.


If “Umma Do Me” were played through AutoTune, it would come out something like this.

Oh yeah, and if whatever Young Jeezy knock-off did “Umma Do Me” were a girl.


This sounds a lot like “A Milli” – she even gives a shout out to Young Money. It’s got a nice vibe to it, it’s probably the best of the lot, but the beat pretty much makes it, like with most pop-rap.


The single – it’s basically the same thing as Refund. No, it’s not about loving comic books, it’s about wanting “a Superman.” I thought Superman and Batman references were out of style, but what do I know? The last time I watched a music countdown was when I wrote my – I think – second post for this blog. And, as I recall, I could only stand to watch three videos on the countdown.

This isn’t half bad, aside from all the comic book metaphors being pretty cheesy.


The first song of the bunch I like, don’t just tolerate. It’s probably from her mixtape. There’s a lot of scratched-in vocal samples, which I always liked.

On the downside, though, her voice is like Michael Jackson’s back in the Jackson 5 days.


Allegra tries her hand at true school hip-hop over the beat from the Lupe song of the same name (damn this must be old). Apparently she used to actually spit, not just pen hooks. Looks like she used to be a decent spitter that sold her soul. I would have liked her a lot better if she had done some shit like this.


Some pseudogully gun talk over that shitty Don Cannon beat everyone raps over. It’s hard to buy into considering all her new songs being about shopping and boys.


I can’t really fuck with the newer, pop-friendly tracks Allegra did, but the last three songs weren’t half bad, which kind of surprised me because they’re just some MySpace tracks. If only she had stuck with her older style, there was a slight chance I could recommend you go check her shit out.

But it looks like the only female rappers I fuck with are still Lauryn Hill and Lady of Rage.



1 Response to “Allegra – Assorted Tracks Review”

  1. August 12, 2008 at 5:29 am

    thanks for the honest and scathing reviews!

    much appreciated… good lookin out.


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