Will Termanology’s Debut Be An Instant Classic?

(A promo that just recently popped up on Termanology’s MySpace announcing the drop date for his official debut, Politics As Usual.)

As this new promo shot’s caption mentioned, Lawrence, Massachusetts/BX, New York native Termanology just announced that his highly anticipated debut will be dropping September 30.

I don’t usually get excited about albums, but this is one I think I’m going to be copping two copies of.

I haven’t been this excited for an album since Ghostface’s last CD, The Big Doe Rehab, and that turned out to be a pretty huge disappointment despite some great songs like “Yolanda’s House” and “Supa GFK.” As such, you can’t blame me for worrying that PAU might shape up to be a huge let down.

With no full album leak and only a few leaked tracks and guest spots, it’ll be a little hard to gauge, but I think we can at least get a rough idea how good this shit will be looking at Term’s recent output as well as who’s gonna be on it.

First off, you’ll notice that the poster lists some of the same producers who produced Illmatic. Good sign.

Especially if you consider that Preemo has at least two tracks on here, which I posted below.

How We Rock:

So Amazing:

Both are unabashedly classic tracks, and one cannot forget, of course, the Preemo/Term track that started it all, Watch How It Go Down (see below), which is easily one of the highlights of underground rap in the last few years.

DJ Premier and Termanology coming together is a hip-hop head’s wet dream, considering that Preemo is probably the best producer in the history of hip-hop and that Termanology at his best is like Pun, L, Rakim, and Pac thrown in a blender.

Preemo + Term = Some great fucking music.

As far as the rappers featuring, Bun B is confirmed, since he’s on the first official single (How We Rock), but Term has stated in interviews that he doesn’t want a lot of guests on his solo joints.

We can expect St. Da Squad to pop up, but they’re all solid rappers, so it ain’t a problem.

The only real problem is Term’s recent mixtape, Hood Politics V, which only had about 5 joints on it worth listening to, unlike Hood Politics IV, which was just short of classic status.

However, its main problem was the beats and guests, so I’m thinking we don’t have to worry about it.

So, let’s have a toast to a new era of hip-hop, the return of tru-school hip-hop, and the launching of a rapper sure to be one of the GOAT.

One love.


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