VIBE “Best Rapper Alive” Round 2 Begins

(The best alive. Quit fronting.)

As I previously reported, VIBE magazine is currently running a tournament on their site (www.vibe.com/bestrapper) to let the people decide who is the best rapper alive.

Peep my bracket.

I just got back from an out-of-state trip to see the fam to discover that Round 2 has started. Here’s the results so far and my commentary on how things turned out (note that I only commented on the results I had something to say about):

(On a side note, how is Vibe gonna put Soulja Boy and Rick Boy in this competition and not put Ice-T in? Get your mafuckin priorities straight.)


Jay-Z > Diddy: The winner here is obvious. Especially since Diddy just now started penning his own shit.

Lauryn Hill > Lil Kim: Another no-brainer. Surprisingly, though, 1/3 of the voters went for Lil Kim. Probably the same demographic that’ll ultimately declare Lil Wayne the best alive, i.e. the crowd that thinks 50 Cent is old school.

Juelz Santana > Cam’ron: This is where the results start to differ from my own bracket. I don’t care that much, though, since the only dude from Diplomats I fuck with is Jim Jones. The only reason I put Cam above Juelz is because I just plain can’t stand Juelz. And Cam I can at least listen to for a while.

Fabolous > Cassidy: This one doesn’t even matter. It’s like comparing Soulja Boy and Young Berg. Neither of them’s any good, so why even vote?

Missy Elliott > Lil Mama: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Missy album from beginning to end, but I went with her because I have heard a Lil Mama album. And it doesn’t get worse than Lil Mama.

Lupe Fiasco > Q-Tip: The “Lil Kim > Lauryn Hill” crowd strikes again!

Mos Def > Talib Kweli

Kanye West > Foxy Brown


Lil Wayne > Trina: Expect to see this kind of result a lot – “Lil Wayne > xxx”. It’s hard to lose a popularity contest after selling 2 million copies of your shitty new album.

Lil Boosie > Webbie: Who cares?

Bun B > Devin the Dude

Scarface > 8Ball: And Scarface > than everyone else on this bracket.

Young Jeezy > Rick Ross: Jeezy, to me, is like Jim Jones. He’s a basically shitty LCD rapper, but I respect him because he seems to care about hip-hop and try hard to make good music. Also, his music ain’t half bad.

Ludacris > Young Dro: Does anyone even remember Young Dro? I thought dude would be in the same “not good enough to remember” category as minstrel rapper Mims.

Chamillionaire > Paul Wall: Paul Wall, too.

TI > Shawty Lo


Eminem > Soulja Boy: There might be hope after all.

Young Buck > Lloyd Banks: This is almost as obvious a choice as the above face-off.

Nelly > Flo Rida

Ghostface Killah > Raekwon: I’m glad Ghost won this, as he should have. But it’s not like Rae’s very popular, so I doubt he would have won anyway.

Big Boi > Killer Mike

50 Cent > Fat Joe: I’d say they’re both some of the worst I’ve ever heard. At least since Pun kicked the bucket and Joe lost his ghostwriter.

Jadakiss > Beanie Sigel: I didn’t know anyone actually liked Jadakiss. Oh well, shit happens.

Nas > Joe Budden: What’s with placing some legends against pond scum like this? I mean, really, Eminem vs. Soulja Boy? Come on…


(I’m going to skip commenting on these results, since they are entirely identical to my bracket choices)

Andre 3000 > Dizzee Rascal

Method Man > Redman

Pusha T > Rich Boy

Common > Black Thought

Busta Rhymes > Twista

The Game > Crooked I

Ice Cube > E-40

Snoop Dogg > Bow Wow


2 Responses to “VIBE “Best Rapper Alive” Round 2 Begins”

  1. 2 bigoneonline
    August 3, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Man, fuck you, Cesar.

    Nah, I’m just playin’. Thanks for stoppin’ in, mafucka.

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