XXL September 2008 Issue Preview

(Foxy Brown & Young Jeezy on the September issue of XXL)

This month, XXL decided to put the semi-psychotic female “rapper” Foxy Brown & ad libbin’ Young Jeezy (i.e. the dude every new rapper got their style from) on the cover.

On one hand, these two aren’t especially good at music (although Jeezy’s “Go Getta” was my shit!, as Katt Williams would say, for probably three months once it dropped; just go out into the streets at night in the winter, walk around with that shit in your headphones, and just try not to feel gangsta), I don’t mind XXL putting them on the cover that much. Mostly because they’re not Lil Wayne, and that’s something you don’t get to say often about the person on the cover of XXL.

This issue they’ll be covering, of course, those two, plus hipster rap (A.K.A. douche bag rap) and, hopefully, reviewing that new Nas shit.

Of course they won’t have the balls to give it the M or S it deserves, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll at least demote it to an L.

On the real, they better not give that shit XXL. It would be like the time The Source gave motherfuckin’ Lil Kim 5 mics.

But I doubt Nas is at XXL’s office right now giving the writers blow jobs as Kim undoubtedly was, so the review will probably be reasonably fair.

We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?


1 Response to “XXL September 2008 Issue Preview”

  1. 1 anonymous
    July 20, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    foxy brown “not very good at music”? Is that a joke? Have you ever HEARD broken silence? OR any songs from her shelved album Ill Nana 2: THe fever, or the single Come Fly With Me?

    foxy brown is not your modern day conforming rapper, she is of a different breed then people like lil wayne

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