The Dark Knight Movie Review

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this, the most critically acclaimed movie since forever, for quite some time now and finally got to see it last night.

Going in to it, I was expecting a cynical, dark masterpiece with a heartstopping performance by Heath Ledger.

The Dark Knight delivered this and more, easily becoming the best movie of the summer, and the best movie of the year.

Heath Ledger’s Joker (Jack Nicholson, eat your heart out) is not the only good thing in this movie – the direction, camerawork, and other actors are incredible – but he is truly the centerpiece, bringing a dark, anarchist flair to Gotham that drives the film into dark corners and moral complexeties difficult enough to drive one insane.

Which is his true power, the ability to destroy individuals from within.

This movie is instantly the best of the year and the best superhero flick ever made.

It’s emotional power and brilliant acting qualify it as easily one of the greatest film experiences I’ve ever had.

It’s not the kind of film you text during, or talk through. It is a deep film, which will dig into the very core of your being. If you see one movie this year, make it The Dark Knight.

5/5 Stars


1 Response to “The Dark Knight Movie Review”

  1. July 22, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

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