Scratch Magazine’s “Top 10 Beats of All Time”

(My ex-favorite hip-hop mag)

Scratch Magazine is, fuck it, was the first hip-hop mag dedicated exclusively to producers and DJs, and it was fuckin’ ill until some CEO pulled the plug on it and it got demoted to a blog, which you can read over at XXL’s website, which you can find on my blogroll.

Here’s their post from today, I just thought it was important enough to merit some coverage from yours truly (not that I’m anything special). It’s their list of the 10 best beats of all time. I copied/pasted their original links and then replaced their descriptions with my commentary on each choice.

You can read the original post here.

10 ) “Wrong Side Of The Tracks”– This is a so-so jazz rap beat. I don’t know why this is on here – Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch” is a stylistically similar track that’s obviously superior.

9 ) “Come Clean”– This seems to get a mention because of its sample, but it’s definitely not Preemo’s best work. Just off the dome, I prefer “ALONGWAYTOGO” or “So Amazing” to this track. It’s pretty bare.

8 ) “T.R.O.Y.”– This is yet another that seems to be on here just because it samples a song better than itself. This one, for my money, is good, but I think it sounds a little too messy. It’s basically just one sample looped over some drums.

7 ) “Diary Of A Madman”– This one is better than the other choices, but, again, I can name a song off the dome with a similar style and iller beat, in this case, Wyclef’s “Apocalypse.”

6 ) “Hand On The Pump”– This one I agree with. It’s my favorite beat (and song) off of one of my favorite albums, Cypress Hill by Cypress Hill. Hell, sometimes I put it in my deck just to listen to the way they flipped this beat. Co-sign.

5 ) “Da Rockwilder”– This one’s pretty good, but it’s definitely not one of the best. It sounds like a Busta Rhymes club banger with more complexities and little sonic details.

4 ) “T.O.N.Y.”– This beat is just OK, like most of the tracks that made the list. I’m starting to think Scratch’s blogger was listening to more than just the beat when he/she picked these.

3 ) “Whoah”– Another simplistic, mediocre beat. Ya know the list isn’t gonna be real when there’s a motherfucking Black Rob song on it.

2 ) “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”– A surreal, minimalist classic from Busta. I’m not that mad at this selection, but if he really wanted to put this on here, it should have been lower on the list.

1 ) “Protect Ya Neck”– There are a lot of superior RZA beats, I don’t know why he went with this one. It’s not even the illest joint off of “Enter the Wu Tang” – that was easily “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin To F Wit.” I also would have taken GZA’s “4th Chamber” over this any day.

Now, what’ s missing? Just about everything.

The two obvious exceptions, Deep Cover by Dr. Dre & Shook Ones Part II by Mobb Deep, get a mere honorable mention.

For my money, Shook Ones Part II is the greatest beat of all time. So why is it not on the list?

Fuck if I know.

Other beats that should have been on here:

Sucker MC’s by Run-DMC, Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre, Kunta Fly Shit by Ghostface Killah.


3 Responses to “Scratch Magazine’s “Top 10 Beats of All Time””

  1. April 1, 2009 at 4:55 am

    I say that if you are a true hip hop head then you would probably have 100+ beats that might have to get squeezed into this list. I say that they should of made it 20 instead of 10 to be more creative with the songs that can get on there.

    10. “Wrong side of the tracks” is an amazing hip-hop beat. Although it did have a jazzy feel,
    it is still a well layered sample and the melody is great.

    9. “Come clean” is a decent beat with another one of Preemo’s well-chopped sample courtesy of
    Onyx, but I think that most of Group Home’s first album would hold some of Premier’s best
    work to date.

    8.”T.R.O.Y.” is an OK beat, but it definitely is one of the top 10 Hip Hop songs ever made. Pete
    Rock did a lot of great remixes that are way better than this, but his best is “Who’s world is
    this” by Nas.

    7. “Dairy of a mad man” is one of my all time favorite beats so I would leave that alone, but I
    would probably move it to like #4.

    6.”Hand on the pump” is another hip hop classic by my man Muggs. I also like “How I could just
    kill a man”.

    5.”Da rockwilder” The beat is hot for the time that this song came out, but it shouldn’t have
    been on a top 10 list maybe a top 100 list.

    4.”T.O.N.Y” is a good selection as well because the beat was mellow enough to just ride to it,
    but the right person could murder that beat too. I would put it as a top a 20 ot top 10 cause
    I would have to have “bloody money” on there too.

    3.”Whoah” is mediocre at best, I wouldn’t even have that beat come this close to number 1 !!!
    The beat is too repetitive to even have a melody.

    2.”Put your hands where my eyes could see” is a recycled old school beat anyways so-( if
    anything )put the original song on this list…and give the creator some props.

    1.”Protect ya neck” A solid RZA beat by any means, but most of his work on Cuban Links 2
    is a lot better.

    These are some of my favorites :

    “Magnetizing” by Del the funkee homosaphien on the album “Handsome Boy Modeling School”.

    “Glaciers of Ice” by Raekwon on the album “Only built for Cuban Links”.

    “Up against the wall – (getaway car mix)” by Group Home on the album “Livin proof”.

    “Juice” by Rakim on the “Juice Original Movie Soundtrack”.

    “Outstanding” by Lil Wayne…this is a mixtape song.

    “Time’s Up” by O.C. on the album “Word…life”.

    “Who shot ya'” by the Notorious B.I.G. on the “Big Poppa” single.

    “Wrektime” by Smif N Wessun on the album “Dah Shinin”.

    “My philosophy” by Boogie Down productions on the album “By All Means Necessary”.

    “Ain’t no fun” by Snoop Doggie Dogg on the album “Doggystyle”.

    “Deep Cover” by Dr Dre on the “Deep Cover Original Movie Soundtrack”.

    “Next Level – Dj Premier Remix” by Showbiz & a.G. on the album ” Goodfellaz”.

    “21 Jumpstreet” by The Dogg Pound on the “Murder was the case Movie Soudtrack”

    “Big Pimpin” by The dogg Pound on the “Above the Rim Movie Original Soundtrack”.

    “The Blast” by Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi Tek) on the album “Train of thought”.

    “Little Ghetto Boy” by Dr. Dre on the album “The Chronic”.

    “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” by Bone Thugs N Harmony on the EP “Creepin on ah come up”.

    “Overnight Celebrity” by Twista on the album “Kamikaze”.

    “NY State of Mind” by Nas on the album “Illmatic”.

    “Sugar Hill” By AZ on the album “Doe or Die”.

    “D. Original” by Jeru da Damaja on the album ” The sun rises in the east”.

    “Da bitchez” by Jeru Da Damaja on the album ” The sun rises in the east”.

    Let Me know if some of these are your favorites.

  2. June 16, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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