Nas – Hip-Hop is Dead vs. Untitled

(Untitled vs. Hip-Hop is Dead)

A comparison of Nas’ two most recent studio albums based on five crucial criteria.



Untitled: The lyrics are all over the place. Nas has brief flashes of inspired lyricism, but is mostly on autopilot. The lyrical highlight is “Sly Fox.”

Hip-Hop is Dead: The lyricism is mostly up to par, although Nas falters on songs like “Still Dreamin'” and “Where Are They Now.”

Untitled: 0

Hip-Hop is Dead: 1



Untitled: The beats here aren’t provided by any legendary producers like Dre or Preemo, but there are more good beats than you would think. Highlights include “Hero” and “Sly Fox.”

Hip-Hip Is Dead: HHID’s beats are obviously the result of either Def Jam’s lack of faith in Nas or of severe budget cuts, considering that the only beats from big name producers (Dre, Kanye) are low enough quality to have been produced by no-name producers. Dre’s “Hustlers” is especially lame, shocking considering Dre’s reputation as a perfectionist. The last song doesn’t even have a beat, and I suspect it wasn’t because Nas wanted to drop knowledge acapella. Low points include “Where Are They Now,” “Hustlers,” and “Blunt Ashes.”

Untitled: 1

Hip-Hop is Dead: 1



Untitled: The guests are pretty consistently mediocre, but rarely awful. Game and Busta Rhymes are highlights (“Make The World Go Round” & “Fried Chicken” respectively).

Hip-Hop is Dead: The artists are mostly mediocre here, too, but occasionally do great jobs. Jay-Z, The Game, and Kanye West do the best.

Untitled: 1

Hip-Hop Is Dead: 2



Untitled: Is all over the place, with even individual songs having difficulty staying on subject. Plus there are several irrelevant pop songs thrown in to be more consumer-friendly.

Hip-Hop Is Dead: It’s the same story here. Both are off-topic most of the time. I’m declaring this a tie.

Untitled: 2

Hip-Hop is Dead: 3



Untitled: Listenable songs are pretty restricted, despite being reasonably long. They include, and are limited to, “Hero,” “Sly Fox,” and “Fried Chicken.”

Hip-Hop Is Dead: Most of the album is worth listening to, despite itself. Good songs include “Money Over Bullshit,” “Hip-Hop Is Dead,” “Who Killed It,” “Black Republicans,” “Still Dreaming,” “Hold Down the Block,” “Let There Be Light,” “Hustlers,” and “Hope.”

Untitled: 2

Hip-Hop is Dead: 3



Untitled: Untitled is clearly full of shitty songs, which is why it is such a bad album. However, it is worth noting that they aren’t usually as bad as HHID’s low points.

HIp-Hop Is Dead: Doesn’t have a lot of truly bad songs, but when a song is bad, it’s really bad. See “Blunt Ashes” and “Where Are They Now.”

Untitled: 2

Hip-Hop Is Dead: 4


Hip-Hop Is Dead > Untitled


But you already knew that.


2 Responses to “Nas – Hip-Hop is Dead vs. Untitled”

  1. 1 ali
    July 23, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    u chat shit. untitled is much better. what planet are you on. is it one that i am familiar with?

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