Rece Steele Drops Her Post-Miss Rap Supreme Single, Preps Album

(She does NOT look like a crack whore! …. Well, maybe)

If ya remember back that far, there was a show a lil while ago called Miss Rap Supreme where MC Serch and Yo-Yo took a whole gang of mostly untalented female rappers together and had them argue about their periods, among other things. Ultimately, the almost-talented female (probably, anyway) pictured above, Rece Steele, took home the crown and 100K cash prize.

Anyway, just like (white) Rapper Show winner $hamrock, Rece has started droppin’ her own solo shit, and it’s not very dope. Or even listenable.

Here is the zshare for her new single, LDB (for Little Dick Bastards):


Now, after you’ve heard that and been thinkin’ “Damn, that was pretty fuckin’ shitty,” then check a mix I made of what it would sound like if this actually got played on the radio, and think “Damn, that was even fuckin’ shittier.”


Even if this song were good at all, which it isn’t, would ya want to listen to this shit?

Would ya be up in the club, dancin’, singin’ like “Get yo little dick out of me”?

Fuck no. Even if you a chick, you ain’t gonna be vibing to some shit like that. You gotta be pretty stupid to drop a song no one likes or can vibe to as your lead single.

As for the album, she did a mixtape, and now she’s prepping “Hard Steele (The Album),” which will undoubtedly suck ass.

Apparently she’s in talks with Def Jam and Atlantic. Damn, the standards have fallen, haven’t they? Didn’t Def Jam used to be a mark of quality? Beastie Boys, for example?


Oh well, it’s not like I was expecting any better.


1 Response to “Rece Steele Drops Her Post-Miss Rap Supreme Single, Preps Album”

  1. 1 Oh Well
    July 24, 2008 at 2:51 am

    Well I guess if you heard Lil Wayne before he Milled off you might have said he was a bit well, low life.
    But now that the cash is in his court you would say he is the SH**.
    But he said it for yah. Rece seems to be what she is a rapper and by all accounts
    I guess she was not your pick. But you must admit she has some tracks out and MRS
    was well an ego trip prodution that did pretty good. So…

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