Snoop Dogg & Kottonmouth Kings Live @ West Fair

(Yes, I was there. Who wants to touch me? I said who wants to fuckin’ touch me!)

The show was set to start at 4:00, and I got there at 2:30, so I got a nice seat sitting along a handrail. There was a few shitty rock/metal bands going, and after Five Finger Death Punch (I can’t believe I remember what they were called), we got ushered out to our cars because it started storming. When we came back, Kottonmouth Kingz came on.

I always thought (and still think) that they make shitty music, but fuck it, they put on a pretty good show. They had some motherfucker in black and white rags (doo and regular) smoking a (fake?) joint, drinking beer, and doin’ a dance that looked like a motherfucking seizure. Maybe my Kottonmouth-lovin’ readers can tell me what the fuck that was about.

Then another shitty rock band came on and played for way too long.

Then Snoop’s stage got set up and the the whole fucking area, I swear to non-existent god, filled up, and after about 40 minutes Snoop came out and started his set.

Shit was fucking crazy. Here’s the songs I remember him performing in no particular order (most my favorite Snoop songs are in there, too, including the underrated Pump, Pump):

Sensual Seduction (yes, he did the edited chorus live for whatever reason)

Staxxx In My Jeans

Snoop’s Upside Ya Head

Gin & Juice

Lodi Dodi

Jump Around (by House of Pain)

Pump, Pump

Tha Shiznit

Deep Cover

Tha Next Episode

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Ups and Downs

I Wanna Fuck You

That’s That Shit


And he closed with that one song that goes “nah nah nah nah, hey hey-ey, goodbyyyeee.” He said he does it at the end of all his shows to show that he loves his people and so we can show that we love him. He changed it up a little, though, “nah nah nah nah, hey hey-ey, snooop.” He also cut out the chorus on What’s My Name so the audience got to sing the whole “Snoop Dooog” thing. It was fucking ridiculous.

 Anyway, Snoop murdered the motherfucker. Everybody was slam dancing, jumpin’ around, wavin’ arms, yell out the lyrics (I’m proud to say the only songs of his I couldn’t remember the lyrics to were I Wanna Fuck You and Snoop’s Upside Ya Head).

You shoulda been there for Deep Cover. He got the entire motherfucking room screaming “FUCK THE POLICE” for the intro and chorus.

Anyway, it blew my fucking mind.



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