G-Unit – Terminate on Sight Review & Torrent Link

(Strictly for informational purposes: there is a torrent for this at http://extratorrent.com/torrent/1326331/G-Unit-Terminate+On+Sight+Retail-2008-NoFS.html but I would never recommend using a torrent because that would be illegal. As 50 would say after spitting a particularly “brilliant” line, ha ha.)

If you’ve been following G-Unit or Fiddy Cent, you probably know what to expect from this album.

And, as with most albums, your gut instinct is probably correct.

TOS pretty boring musically, lyrically, and, uh, hook-ily.

50’s sung hooks are pretty boring and, above all shoddy, and the trio’s lyricism is as unimpressive as ever. I don’t really know why anyone would want this album. Even wanna-be’s gotta have standards, G. Right?

If you liked Beg For Mercy, you’ll probably like this, too. But, otherwise, steer clear. I couldn’t think up a single compliment for this. Even Rider Pt. 2, which everyone is dickriding, isn’t any good. Oh, well, G-Unit groupies, enjoy. Everyone else, spend your money on something better, like a solar powered flashlight.

0/5 Stars

PS Anyone else sick of these staged gangsta pictures? Shit looks fucking corny, hoppin’ out a car with a grappling hook, duck tape, and dissembled machine gun precisely posed, computer enhanced, and taken with a million dollar camera. It just looks fuckin’ silly.


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