Omaha Ripped Up By The Mother Of All Storms

Storm in the O

(Holy shit)

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, my home city of Omaha got ripped the fuck up by what is being called (by newscasters and the mayor, Mike Fahey) the worst storm in eleven years, since the notorious blizzard of ’97.

Apparently, only 20,000 of about 600,000 Omahans had power after it came through yesterday.

I wasn’t one of the 20,000, which was why I didn’t blog about this last night. Trees were pulled up from their roots and tossed all over the roads and apparently almost ever power line in the city was destroyed (if you’re not familiar with the O, it’s about the size of St. Louis), which is pretty ridiculous.

(Un?)Fortunately, I was out of town during the affair and arrived about 3 hours after it hit. I did drive through it while in Des Moines on my way back, but it wasn’t as bad then as it was in the O.

Driving back, Eastside looked pretty much fine. It was beaten up a bit and there were a lot of uprooted trees and shit, but nothing major. I live on the Westside, and it got hit worse than any other storm lately – the damage to where I live was a huge tree of mine being straight smashed and the backboard on my basketball hoop literally being ripped in half (I still managed to shoot some hoops with a neighbor on it, though).

Apparently, Midtown/Downtown got straight destroyed. Which is a real shame, since they house some of my favorite neighborhoods and O attractions, including the Qwest Center, Civic Center, and the main Homer’s store.


Reconstruction is underway. The worst thing about living Omaha besides the rising crime rate is the weather, and we got hit really fucking hard this time. We’ll bounce back, though, like we always do.


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