Ice-T Responds To Soulja Boy, Rips Him A New Asshole


T destroys Soulja Boy. Again.

Of course, T is completely and utterly right. He does apologize for telling him to eat a dick, mostly because of their age difference, but continues to reiterate how completely wack Soulja Boy is.

T… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

It’s about fucking time.

Scarface should have shitted on this little fuck in XXL when Soulja was given a chance to ask him, the greatest thing (rap or otherwise) to ever come out of the South and one of the gods of the game, any question, he asked him “What did you think about my song?” Shit. Face should have sounded off on him right then and there, but he has a policy on not hating on someone making money.

Also, Ice-T’s kid pops up at the end and says he’s younger than his father, so he can tell him: eat a dick.

Might I add, you arrogant little bitch?

Unfortunately, Soulja will still sell as his 15 minutes wind down as long as their are suburban white girls trying to be ironic by listening to hip-hop.

Fuck Soulja Boy. Speaking as a true head within your age bracket, eat a dick.


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