Hip-Hop Needs Some Standards (Let The Hating Begin)

(Scarface’s policy on shitty music: “ I’ll never talk a nigga down, do yo’ thang dawg! Never hate a dude for tryin, that’s insane dawg, Get yo’ motherfuckin money, that’s the thang dawg” That’s fine, ‘Face, but what about when they try and completely, utterly fucking suck… Is it cool to hate then?)

I’ve been reading up on reactions to this whole Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy beef shit, and it’s mostly a bunch of people saying “Well, yeah, Ice-T’s right, but he shouldn’t hate on someone young making money, even if they’re garbage.”

Fuck that.

Is this the standards we judge our music on? Really? “Well, are they making money?”

Music isn’t good or even passable just because it might help someone with money. We need to have some motherfucking standards for our shit. We can’t just give ever ringtone retard a pass because he makes a little dough.

Hustling is one thing, where it fucking matters if they make the money, but shit, hip-hop is an art form. We can’t embrace everything that comes along like that.

Wack shit is wack shit, and it’s about time heads recognized that shit.


1 Response to “Hip-Hop Needs Some Standards (Let The Hating Begin)”

  1. June 22, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Hell yeah I totally agree.

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