ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Finale Preview & Predictions

(Only three contestants remain. Yo-Yo and MC Serch are standing in the foreground. The contestants from left to right – Bree (eliminated in episode 5), Chiba (eliminated in episode 7), Nicky2States (eliminated in episode 6), Byata (still competing), Ms. Cherry (still competing), Khia (disqualified in episode 2 for cheating in episode 1), Lionezz (eliminated in episode 1, brought back in episode 2, and eliminated again in episode 3), D.A.B. / DAB / DumbAss Bitch (eliminated in episode 2), Rece Steele (still competing), and Lady Twist (eliminated in episode 4) And there you have it.)

Check out a leaked three minute clip from the beginning of the episode here.

Before I begin laying out my predictions for the finale (which drops in about four and a half hours), let me tell you how this show would have gone if elimination were up to me (note that I’m ignoring who was up for elimination and just taking out whoever the fuck I want).

Episode One: DAB & Lionezz (double elimination, bitches!)

Episode Two: Khia

Episode Three: Chiba

Episode Four: Rece Steele

Episode Five: Bree

Episode Six: Nicky2States

Episode 7: Miss Cherry

Finale: Lady Twist (what can I say – Byata grew on me!)

Winner: Byata

Now, down to the predictions. As the leak video/teaser trailer thing reveals, Roxanne Shante comes through to prepare the trio of survivors to write diss records about each other.

I hate to sound like a douche bag, but I so saw this coming.

I figured that Nicky2States would stay last episode and that Serch would have the remaining three diss each other because they were so close, causing someone to instantly fuck up, just like on the (white) rapper show last year when Sullee stepped down because he “didn’t want to snitch.”

The clip reveals that Byata doesn’t know how to make diss songs (didn’t she do it last elimination against Chiba, off topic though it was?), so I have a sinking feeling that she’s going to get the boot for fucking it up. Yeah, I’m damn sure that Byata’s getting the old “Step Off!” unless one of the other MCs slips up or pussies out and she manages to stay off of sheer luck (just like John Brown last year when they had to diss each other and the two other guys pussied out). Also, Serch has a tendency to keep grudges against contestants, and since he undoubtedly wanted to eliminate Byata last time for being so shitty (Chiba was just shittier) with her verse. He’ll probably take her out now.

Assuming Byata doesn’t get some unforeseen stroke of luck, I’m going to put my money down on Miss Cherry. She’s just a better MC than Rece Steele.

But, then again, the better MC lost out to the better performer last year, and Rece is a better performer than Miss Cherry for sure, so this could be anyone’s game.


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