ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme episode 5

 (Just you try and tell me she doesn’t look like a vertically challenged Mike D with braids)


In review, on the last episode of ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme, Lady Twist was eliminated for whatever fucked up reason (my pet theory is that it is to prolong the drama between Byata and Chiba, who should have been fucking eliminated).


This week, the teams (Nicky2States, Rece Steele, and Byata [captain] vs. Chiba, Bree, and Miss Cherry [captain]) created music videos, just like they did on the cracker rapper show last year, except this year they are going with a sea theme instead of the summertime theme from last year.


As with last year’s video challenge, the teams took turns picking from 4 sets of props – sets, costumes, makeup, and extras. This year, the sets were either a yacht or a dinky little boat with a shitty ocean backdrop, the costumes were either pirate Halloween costumes or Titanic-style gowns and fancy shit, the makeup was either a professional stylist or some shitty hobo makeup, and the extras were either some ripped black dudes in wifebeaters or some nerdy crackers in Hawaiian shirts.


Miss Cherry’s team, which was fucked to begin with for having Chiba and Bree on the team, got off to a bad start because Miss Cherry was being a selfish, arrogant bitch and Bree and Chiba were being their usual untalented selves. On Byata’s team, Nicky2States was being the equivalent of Miss Cherry, just being a generally bossy bitch. But a sex-crazed one. So it’s cool.


Cherry’s team did a sweet video where Cherry is a chick that’s got it made until Bree and Chiba come and jack her for her shit. The song turned out nice.


Byata’s team did a Big Pimpin’-style video where Byata pushes a guy overboard and Nicky2States gave one of their nerdy cracker sailors a lap dance. Nicky stole the show and even won the Salt N Pepa suite (a special room in the Fembassy where one stellar contestant gets to spend the night). She tried to give it to Miss Cherry (she thought her team did the better video), but Cherry gave it right back.


Byata’s team won.


The elimination rap topic was describing glamour as you see it in story form.


Actually, none of the femcees did storytelling, but whatever. Miss Cherry did a relatively bad job, with her shitty flow ruining even moreso her boring verse. Chiba almost sort of brought it. I mean, she did a bad job, but it was easily her best verse yet on the show. Bree had a hot line (“[You say you’re a player, but] The only thing you layin’ with is your pillow”) and the best verse of the night.


As I write this now, I have the feeling that Cherry is going home, just from Serch and YoYo’s post-rap discussion. She did have the worst rap, but I definitely want Chiba gone, just as everyone in the house does at this point.


Well, the verdict is that Bree is gone. And just where the last episode left off, Serch eliminated the person with the best verse.


What gives, dog?


2 Responses to “ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme episode 5”

  1. 1 sequoia
    May 21, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    aye mama wats up man i just stop by to say you mad talented.you got alot going for yourself .so keep pushin ma keep yo head up.

  2. June 3, 2008 at 5:18 am

    it’s about time they got rid of bree wanna b gansta ass. my son can spit betta than her! I aint mad at cha. But yo, on the real yo delivery is WHACK u coming off too strong BOO BOO. I know where you coming but U aint that nigga. It is what it is BOO BOO. Try to be a little more feminine. N a little less like a dude. You got mad skills, just work on your delivery.

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