Nas Changes His Album’s Name; “Nigger” is No More

(Turns out that political rappers can pussy out of making a message, too.)

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nas, who I will now refer to as Escopussy, recently backed down and changed his album title from Nigger to Nas.

This is really pretty sad for hip-hop. It almost makes me wonder if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or whoever the fuck was right about labels censoring pro-black messages. Who knows now?

My money says that the album version of “Be A Nigger Too” has a whole fuckload of lines taken out, just like a few songs from Hip-Hop is Dead, which was also originally called Nigger.

Dude needs to be a man and stand up to these label cats instead of selling his message short every time someone gets mad at him. Hell, controversy sells!


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