The Game feat. Keyshia Cole – “Pain”

Formerly known as “Game’s Pain.”
The Game

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The Game just dropped his new summer banger “Pain” a few days ago – it’s the second track that I’ve heard off of his upcoming “L.A.X.” CD (thank non-existent god it’s no longer called “D.O.C.”; I’m getting pretty sick of his N.W.A. infatuation), which should be dropping July 8, a week after the new G-Unot album (they were originally slotted to drop on the same day, but their labels put an end to that real quick).

It’s produced by Knobody and I’m sort of feeling it. It’s got a nice tops-down, sun-up, getting blazed summer vibe to it – it sort of feels like a crossbreeding of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime,” Biggie’s “Juicy,” and Game’s own “Let’s Ride” from two years ago.

Game’s voice is sort of shaky, like that fruity fake drunk voice he did on songs like “Doctor’s Advocate” and (I think) “Start From Scratch.”

Also, I think he might have snuck a Jay-Z diss in there, saying that if you ask a Hova fan who Big Daddy Kane is, they won’t have a damn clue.

It’s about time Game broke his stupid “I’m not going to diss a legend” oath and buried Jay. Someone holding more weight in the game than Jim Jones needs to re-ether his ass. American Gangster? Kingdome Come? Sucked!

What it comes down to is that I’m looking forward to “L.A.X.” and that “Pain” is going to be one of the bangers of the summer.


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