A Word Witchya (Introducing…)

Just droppin by to give you just a lil bit of info on me before I get to posting.

I’m a rapper, producer, and DJ based in the 402 – Omaha, Nebraska.

I love rap, funk, and R&B. I will bump any dope shit, but I especially love shit by Big Pun, Big L, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Prince, Michael Jackson, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Ghostface Killah.

I’m working on a couple projects right now, mostly “o.n.e. love: the street album,” on which I plan to make my official debut.

I’d say the shit’ll be crazy, but every MySpace rapper and his mom says that, so I’ll just let the content speak for itself when it drops.

I’ll be posting some of my music throughout my time here at WordPress. Feedback is appreciated.

The name, the name… Well, I wanted to have my name start with “Big” because of the tradition of dope music that goes with the name (I can pass on the whole thing about dying young, though) – Big L, Big Pun, Biggie, Big Moe, etc.

The One is just my city’s nickname – Omaha NEbraska. One, one love.

I go by B-One, though, because Big One sounds way too much like Big Pun. I did this blog under Big One, though, just to get my full name out there.


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